Picturebook Review: No Bears by Meg McKinlay and Leila Rudge

No Bears written by Meg McKinlay and illustrated by Leila Rudge is a fun picturebook in which young Ella declares that she is going to tell her own story. What will make her story the best, is that there will be absolutely no bears in the tale. There will be princesses, funny things, pretty things, magic things, and exciting things, but no bears! The story elements are fun and brightly illustrated, rich in irony as a bear plays some very important parts in the story.

No Bears is a fun story about an imaginative child taking charge of where that imagination takes her. She loves princesses, castles, and all the things that tend to make for a good fairy tale. For some reason, she does not think bears fit in a good story, so wants to leave them out. However, the watercolor illustrations show readers that a bear, much like a parent that makes things happen for their child regardless of whether it is appreciated or even noticed, tends to play an important role in the story. The book is fun, and has something special for readers of all ages.

I highly recommend No Bears to readers of all ages, particularly for those that have active imaginations. The idea of making up your own story, and living it, is something my children are already well versed in. But, this might just insight those a little more timid in engaging their imagination to dust it off and put it to work.
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