Book Review: My Epic Fairy Tale Fail by Anna Staniszewski

My Epic Fairy Tale Fail is the second book in the My Very UnFairy Tale Life series for children by Anna Staniszewski. Jenny the Adventurer is back, and has come to terms with her magically manic life. Her new mission includes heading to the Land of Tales, otherwise known as the place that all fairy tales come from. It also happens to be the world in which her parents disappeared.
All she needs to do is defeat an evil witch by completing three impossible tasks, while keeping herself and her best friends alive. If she can succeed maybe Jenny can finally get answers about what really happened to her parents. Jenny has never faced a greater challenge, or higher stakes.

My Epic Fairy Tale Fail is a wonderful follow up to My Very UnFairy Tale Life. Jenny is more comfortable in her role, and responsibility she has to carry out her promises in the fairy tale worlds. She is very aware of the dangers, but does not let them stop her from doing her best to help others. Stereotypes of trolls, knights, witches, sea monsters, and just about every fairy tale character can be found here, and turned on their sides. Making readers of all ages recognize the archetypes, and how things are much more than they seem, is another great aspect of this series.

I liked that there is wit and humor throughout the book, while Jenny faces some serious struggles, even the darkest moments carry a thread of light and hope despite the seriousness. Balancing the humor with tough situations and danger, without making light of a particular character's issues, is a tough balance to maintain. however, it is demonstrated here. jenny has to face life threatening situations, while dealing with the realization that she needs her friends, but cannot protect the people she cares about from everything. Facing seemingly insurmountable odds, Jenny still puts others ahead of herself and acts like a real girl in the same situation might- and still comes out as a hero any young girls can both relate to and look up to.

I recommend My Epic Fairy Tale Fail to readers that enjoyed My Very UnFairy Tale Life. For readers age nine and older that enjoy adventure, fairy tales, and spunky girls that spout witty sayings when feeling threatened- I suggest starting with the first book and reading both. I am very eager to see where the series goes from here in My Sort of Fairy Tale Ending, which is currently scheduled for release on November 5 2013, and am a new fan of Anna Staniszewsk.
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