Early Book Review: The Dresden Files: Fool Moon, Volume 2 by Jim Butcher, Mark Powers, Chase Conley

The Dresden Files: Fool Moon, Volume 2 is a graphic novel from Jim Butcher, Mark Powers and Chase Conley. It is scheduled for release on April 23 2013. This installment is the second volume based on the regular novel version of Fool Moon in the Dresden File series. Harry Dresden is a wizard for hire. Chicago has had some savage werewolf attacks - a case made even more challenging by the fact that Harry has found three lycanthropic groups which are fighting among themselves. On top of that, Harry no longer has the confidence and support of Detective Murphy and the Chicago Police Department. Hostile FBI Agents, werewolves, and the local police are all hunting for Harry as he races against the rise of the next full moon to discover  the truth behind the string of murders.

Readers that have been enjoying the graphic novels based on the Dresden Files series will certainly enjoy The Dresden Files: Fool Moon, Volume 2 as well. As a fan of the novels, I both like and dislike getting a more visual version of the story. It is interesting to see the artists version of the characters. The artwork is very well done, but not all the images match what I had in my mind- but that is the inherent danger of this kind of graphic novel. Some of Harry's appeal is lost without the full disclosure of his thought process that we get in the novels. However, I think there is merit in the graphic novels, particularly as an introduction to the series to new readers, but I still much prefer the full novel versions.
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