Book Review: Double Crossed by Ally Carter

Double Crossed by Ally Carter brings together the worlds of her Heist Society and the Gallagher Girls series, numbering it 2.5 in the Heist Society series. The story takes place at a society gala, where a bored Macey McHenry, who we know to be a spy in training, and W.W. Hale the fifth, heir to millions and a master thief, meet up. the party turns into a hostage situation, but something just does not seem right to either Hale or Macey.  It is up to the two unusual social icons to outsmart the gang. Can spy and a thief trust each other enough to save the day, and will they need a little help from their friends to make it happen.

In Double Crossed readers get to see Macey, a disenchanted and bored socialite with some exceptional training from Gallagher Academy for Exceptional Young Women. She becomes curious when she sees an equally bored looking boy her age, that seems to be picking pockets at the party. Her boredom is relieved as she watches him and then strikes up a conversation. Hale is the heir to a large fortune, and just as bored and uncomfortable as Macey amid the glamour of the party. They each have their own ways of dealing with the crisis they face, and together walk the blurred line of right and wrong to stop a much more significant wrong from taking place.

Double Crossed is a fun cross over between two series that I have enjoyed in the past. While I full admit to liking the Gallagher Girls a little more, and remembering those characters a little better than those from the Heist Society, I still remembered enough to fully enjoy the story. I think this cross over has reminded me about the things I love from both series, and made me interested in refreshing my memory. with that in mind, I think it make bring fans from either series into the fold of fandom of the other. I recommend double crossed for anyone that has read and enjoyed any of the books from Ally Carter. If you have not yet had the pleasure, I highly recommend starting with I'd Tell You I Love You, But Then I'd Have to Kill You from the Gallagher Girl series and going on from there.
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