Early Book Review: Breezier, Cheesier, Newest, and Bluest by Brian P. Cleary and Brian Gable

Breezier, Cheesier, Newest, and Bluest, written by Brian P. Cleary and illustrated by Brian Gable is a fun, and sometimes silly grammar book which is scheduled for release on March 1 2013. We all know that the English language is hard, and full of wacky rules and even stranger exceptions. This book takes great strides in explaining the basics of those rules for comparatives and superlatives, forms of describing words that compare two or more things. The illustrations and word choices make the book fun for readers as they learn.

Breezier, Cheesier, Newest, and Bluest is the newest book in the Words Are CATegorical series of books. The illustrations are bright, fun, and sometimes silly. The book outlines the basics, as well as more detailed  information on the rules to teach the concept to older students, or simple to get the rules in the minds of students of all ages. The rhythm and rhymes make it fun to read aloud, and make the learning process a little easier, and a lot more fun. A chart at the end of the book helps makes this concept even easier to take to the next level. Teachers and parents can challenge their students to take things to the next level by asking them to come up with more comparatives and superlatives, the zanier the better.

Breezier, Cheesier, Newest, and Bluest is a great tool for introducing the concept to children, or as a refresher for older students. This makes the book a good choice for multiple age groups, and a book many elementary school students can enjoy when assigned to read.
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