Early Book Review: The Adventures of Superhero Girl by Faith Erin Hicks, Rachel Edidin

The Adventures of Superhero Girl by Faith Erin Hicks and edited by Rachel Edidin is a graphic novel for young adults and adults scheduled for release on March 12 2013.  Superhero girl is a girl in her twenties with the power to leap tall buildings and defeat alien monsters with her bare hands. She spends her time fighting crime, which mostly involves saving cats and fighting ninjas in her slow crime city. She is trying to be a good superhero, but has to by her capes in thrift shops and a fanboy skeptical about her skills can easily ruin her day. A graphic novel full of fun snark, truths about life during a transitional stage,  and the trouble of having a super perfect older sibling, has a little something for everyone to relate to.

The Adventures of Superhero Girl was a graphic novel I related to on a number of levels. Our heroine is an average looking girl, with money troubles, and a brother that everyone loves and cannot seem to do anything wrong. That was me when I was in my twenties, minus the super powers (or so I say). Even her powers do not seem spectacular, but that does not stop her from trying to be the best superhero she can, or from hoping for some recognition for her efforts. Her friendly, good intentioned roommate and the skeptical fanboy are great additions to the story. There is great characterization, and a perfect blend of realistic moments and situations with the unbelievable superpowers, wondering ninjas, and alien monsters.

The Adventures of Superhero Girl is a great pick for teens, twenty-somethings, and everyone that remembers those years. The blend of the mundane life and the superhero world is handled with sharp humor and great character design. I think most everyone can find something to relate to, or commiserate with, in this graphic novel.
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