Book Review: Spider Stampede by Ali Sparkes and Ross Collins

Spider Stampede is  a children's book written by Ali Sparkes and illustrated by Ross Collins. It was originally published by Oxford University Press 2011, but will be released by Lerner Classroom ion May 1 2013. Josh and Danny Philips are eight year old identical twins, that are very different from each other. One thing they have in common, aside from their looks, is the desire to play outside with their dog like most kids. Unfortunately, their dog Piddle run's into their neighbor's yard. It would not be too bad, but this neighbor is a little strange. Miss Potts has a secret, and that secret turns the two boys into spiders. Can the two boys survive as spiders, and can the find away to change back into humans?

Spider Stampede is a fun book, with adventure and a little science fiction. I liked that the twins are very different from each other, and know how to work those differences to their advantage. They might tease each other, what siblings don't, but they obviously care about each other ad work well as a team. I also liked that through out the book readers actually lean something about spiders, and other creepy crawlies. Even though I knew most of the facts already, I liked seeing them woven into the story.

I think that readers that like insects and arachnids, spunky kids, a little trouble, adventure, and science fiction will enjoy Spider Stampede. The story is fun, full of action and humor. Spider Stampede is followed by Fly Frenzy, Grasshopper Glitch, Ant Attack. Crane Fly Crash, and Beetle Blast in the S.W.I.T.C.H series.
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