Early Book Review: In a Blink Kiki Thorpe and R.H. Disney

In a Blink is a childrens book written by Kiki Thorpe and illustrated by R.H. Disney. It is scheduled for release on January 8 2013, and will begin a new Disney series titled Never Girls for readers between 6 and 10. Never Land is a place with a mind of its own. Sometimes it travels close to those that believe enough to visit. The story starts with three friends playing in the back yard. Kate, Mia, and Laney are having fun. However, they are quickly distracted by strange things happening and little sister Gabby joining the group, fairy in hand. Somehow the group is transported to Never Land with the fairy, and the adventure really begins. The girls enjoy visiting Fairy Hollow are, but Queen Clarion discovers a way for the girls to get home. No one is really ready for the adventure to end, but their fun could be just beginning.

In a Blink is a fun chapter book for the elementary school set. The girls; Kate, Mia, Lainey, and Gabby get along well but are all very different. The descriptions of the fairies and their talents also made it clear that everyone is an individual, rather than just placeholders in the story. Getting to see some of the fairies I already recognize by name have a bigger role here, and I get to see more personality and though from them than I have before. I liked that the book made it clear that differences are good and what makes each of the girls, and fairies, special. Kate in particular has her moments of personality in this story, showing her need to succeed and be good at everything, which plays a role in the book. The set up for the series is well done, and I think the series as a whole will be a hit with the intended audience.

I recommend In a Blink to young readers that like fairies ad stories that they might recognize themselves in at least one of the characters. It is a fun, safe, and simple adventure that will make many young readers happy.
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