Book Review: Forbidden (The World of Nightwalkers) by Jacquelyn Frank

Forbidden is the first book of the new The World of Nightwalkers series by Jacquelyn FrankNightwalker series. Docia Waverley is a secretary that is short on money and family. All she really has left his her bother, a dediocated police officer, and an old family friend that is like another brother to her. One day, on a walk to work, she is almost killed, and in the process falls into the world of the Nightwalkers as she become host to a BodyWalker. Unfortunately, this means that the danger surrounding Docia only increases, as the people that initially tried to kill her want to finish the job, and she is now a key player in a Bodywalker civil war. Can the hunky and duty-bound Bodywalker Ram protect her, and is love part of the bargain or betrayal waiting in the wings?

Forbidden starts a new chapter in Frank's Nightwalker books. I have read a few in the past, mainly dealing with the vampire and demon branches of the Nightwalker world. Bodywalkers are reincarnated souls that are reborn when a living person is at deaths door. The two minds share the body, for good or ill. Docia is a good girl, just barely making ends met and worried about her brother, who just lost his canine partner on the local police force. Almost dying, and all the trauma that follows, brings her directly into Ram's sights. Ram is convinced that Docia holds the soul of his queen and must be protected and reunited with his king. Sparks fly, and not only do they need to appease Docia's brother, avoid killers, fend off the opposing faction of Bodywalkers, but they also have to deal with their undeniable attraction in the face of Ram's duty to his king.

Forbidden has many great characters, and a lot of detail into the people that are likely to play important roles in the rest of this series. I enjoyed learning about most of the characters, and am eager to see where some of them go from here. Docia and her brother have a tight relationship, which I seriously love. Ram and Docia have an instant attraction, but do not fall into bed immediately, and I was glad to see that there were some serious discussions and airing out of exactly who and what they are before they call it happily ever after.

I recommend Forbidden to those that enjoy Frank's writing. The characters and new branch of the Nightwalker world are well built, and draw the reader in. If you have not read any of the earlier Nightwalker related books, have no fear! You can start here, and the only moment you might be lost is in the very begin where the groundwork is laid in the discover of more kinds of Nightwalkers than fans might already know about.
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