Picturebook review: Dinosaur Countdown by Nicholas Oldland

Dinosaur Countdown, written and illustrated  by Nicholas Oldland, is a book that will help children master counting down from ten to one, while introducing them to dinosaurs. The cartoonish and non threatening dinosaurs and the adjectives attributed to them are fun and will make this a favorite counting book for those that are fascinated with the large lizards.

Dinosaur Countdown does not have a new concept, or stand out as the best of concept counting books. However, I think that the dinosaur names, and the included pronunciation guide at the back of the book., and some vocabulary included, can make this a valued teaching tool. Young children with a love of dinosaurs will especially enjoy the silly lizards. I do recommend anyone planning on reading aloud, or sharing the book with children, take a quick peak at the guide in the back before reading so that you are prepared for some of the dinosaur names prior to turning the pages.

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