Early Book Review: Kept: A Coveted Novel by Shawntelle Madison

Kept by Shawntelle Madison is the follow up to young adult novel Coveted, and will be released on November 27 2012. The characters of Kept continue the urban fantasy story surrounding Natalya Stravinsky, a werewolf with a compulsive disorder. Her ex boyfriend is slated to be the alpha and engaged to snooty Erica. Nick and the other friends from Nat's therapy group make their appearances along with Nat's best friends and family. Love, war, and friendship collide just when Nat needs a little down time. Her father's past has caught up with him and the possibility of a serious love triangle blooms. Could saving her father and trying to rejoin the pack be the end of Nat, or will the danger help her rise above the challenges she faces. Resolution on all fronts is offered.

I really enjoyed Coveted, and so admit to moving Kept up in my book queue, simply to see what would happen next. I still love Natalya, Nick, Thorn, and the variety of quirky characters in the story. I think the suspense and action in the story were wonderfully handled. Nat's father and the deal made around that leads to a broader storyline, which I loved. I enjoyed just about every bit of conflict here, and the solid resolutions the book offers. My only complaint is that I expected more. Not more from this book, but more openings for Nat's story to continue. I felt like either her story could have either fit into one larger book with other characters getting their own books in the future, or that more could have stood in Nat's way so that the series could have continued on. I still enjoyed the read, and am glad I read it, but felt a little let down when I read the last line. I do not think I am ready to say goodbye to these quirky characters.

I recommend Kept to everyone that has read and loved Coveted. If you have not read it yet, then go read it  and follow it up quickly with Kept to finish Natalya's story. I hope that Madison continues writing novels set in the world she has created here. I would love to see where the stories of other members in Nat's family and therapy group go post Kept. In fact, I just visited Amazon to get Collected, the prequel to Coveted, which I plan on reading as soon as possible.
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