Book Review: The Warrior by Margaret Mallory

The Warrior by Margaret Mallory is a historical romance and part of the The Return of the Highlanders series. Duncan MacDonald fell in love with the chieftain's daughter, but was forced to leave his true love behind. He felt himself unworthy of her love, because he is the bastard son of a servant, and has never felt that he had risen above his birth. After fighting to protect the clan for years he is a proven warrior and has the chance to see his love again. Moira is that love, married off to another shortly after she is left behind. Her married life has been far from ideal, and she thinks escape has come, until she sees Duncan. Can the two regain their love, or was everything doomed when they were separated. Danger looms on every shore, and unexpected betrayals and truths will change everything.

The Warrior is a story that is wonderful in its setting, and the feelings of the characters. Moira and Duncan are madly in love through the whole story- but are caught up in the tumult of the time and their own fears about being hurt again to take the easy path to happiness. Instead they fight against scheming players seeking power, each other, and their own wants. Everyone can relate to struggling against or simply not accepting good things simply out of the fear of it not working out. The larger story lines, the fighting among clans over power and land is extremely well done, and held as much interest to me as the romance story line. I look forward to reading other books in the series to see just how different dynamics play out.

I recommend The Warrior to readers that like historical romance, particularly those featuring Highland men. Duncan and Moira are strong characters, not blindly following attraction or their hearts (at least as adults) and the depth of the story reaches far beyond their relationship. I am a sucker for well researched historicals with real depth, and The Warrior delivered.
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