Book Review: Secrets of the Guardian by A.L. Tyler

Secrets of the Guardian by A.L. Tyler is the third, and final book, in the Waldgrave series. Lena Collins has faced challenges and death, and hopes things can start settling down. However, things are only going to get worse. Her Grandfather is dead, and Griffin has left. Rollin and his group are targeting everyone in the Selenti community that is not with them, as against them and a viable target. Lena wants to clear her name, live a semi-normal life, and find the hidden answers about her family and the Selenti world as a whole. So how could a road trip with friends to reunite one family and discover her own end with Lena on the run with a baby?

Secrets of the Guardian is the perfect conclusion to a wonderful series. I would not have minded a little more of a re cap in the beginning of this book, but it did not take me long to get back into the story.  Lena has grown as a character and a person through the series, and continues to mature her as well. Her concern for others might be a liability in her position, but it makes her a character that is relate-able. While Griffin does not have much screen time, he is just as arrogant in this book, but I am glad to say offered up some redeemable moments. Devin and other characters that have played significant roles in the past, are of course here as well, and most grow through the story as well. I really enjoyed seeing the full mystery of Lena's family unraveled, and a satisfying conclusion for all concerned, Although, I do hope that the epilogue lead to a spin off story.

I highly recommend Secrets of the Guardian to anyone that has like the previous two books. For those that have not, I suggest starting with Arrival of the Traveler and reading the entire trilogy in order. The mysteries are deep, the action high, and the characters feel very real.
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