Picturebook Review: Creepy Carrots by Aaron Reynolds, Peter Brown

Creepy Carrots, written by Aaron Reynolds and illustrated by Peter Brown, is a fun and slightly spooky picturebook. everyone knows that rabbits like carrots, but jasper Rabbit seems to like them more than most. he stops in Crackenhopper Field for a snack when ever possible, which turns out to be quite often. he indulges a little too much, and a little too often. one day, on the way home, Jasper feels like he is being followed. He hears noises behind him, and then again at home. could his favorite treats be out to get him? A surprise ending will make everyone smile.

Creepy Carrots tells the story of a greedy rabbit , and smart carrots sick of being snacked on, with fun text and stylish illustrations. The combination of spooky coloring and ideas with the underlying humor kept me turning pages and eager to see how Reynolds and Brown would bring the story to a close. The humor and fun underlying Jasper's fears had me as entertained as the kids.

The spooky elements are enough to be fun, but not enough to actually scare most children. The ending is surprising, and satisfying in a number of ways.  The illustrations are bold, and make for great storytime or classroom reading, as well as a fun story to share with one or two children. I highly recommend Creepy Carrots, especially now that Halloween is getting closer, for a fun and witty story to get in the spirit.
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