Book Review: Run the Risk by Lori Foster

Run the Risk is the start of a new romance series, Love Undercover, by Lori Foster. Detective Logan Riske has gone undercover to find Pepper Yates and use her to find her brother Rowdy, who is the key witness needed to solve a murder and bring the man behind it and much more to justice.But Pepper and Rowdy are much more suspicious and in much more danger than Logan was prepared for. Pepper knows well that lives at at risk. and the only way to guarantee anyone's safety is to trust no one, make no personal connections, and basically to stay unnoticed. When her new neighbor pushes her boundaries, Pepper tries to balance her needs to stay safe with her craving for the 'construction worker' that seems to have noticed her in more ways than one. Can Logan and Pepper each find what they need without everyone getting killed?

For fans of Lori Foster, you know what you are getting and are likely already ready to read. This is for those who haven't sampled Foster's work before. Run the Risk has characters you want to know more about, hot romance, lots of action, and suspense with a dash of humor. Pepper is a strong, smart woman that knows what she wants. Logan is an alpha male with a strong moral compass doing things he might not feel fully comfortable with for the greater good. They each have internal struggles with what they should do, and what they want to do. Attraction between the two is undeniable, and the battles they face between themselves and against greater threats are gripping.

The side characters, Reese, Rowdy, Dash, and others are all well developed and lead you wanting to keep reading and discover how their own stories will play out. It is the persistent blend of romance that can stand alone, with a solid conclusion to the action, but still leaves you wanting more.

I recommend Run the Risk to fans of Foster, and those that like romance paired with action and suspense.
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