Early Book Review: Waga's Big Scare by Samuel Hiti

Waga's Big Scare is a picturebook written and illustrated by Samuel Hiti. It is schedule for release on October 1 2012. Waga is a little orange monster. He is not the tallest, widest, or loudest monster out there. However, Waga has one thing going for him, he has the biggest scare. The only problem is that it seems to be missing. If Waga does not find his scare my sunrise he will disappear forever. Readers search with Waga, only to discover exactly where that scare was, and why Waga is the trickiest monster around.

Waga's Big Scare is a cute, and fun little story. I found that it was missing a bit of transition between describing Waga and the hunt for his scare. I actually went back to see if I had missed part of the page, which sometimes happens when I am looking at electronic versions of picturebooks and graphic novels. However, I do not think the momentary change of flow will both the target audience. Children will get a kick out of the little monster searching for his big scare, and the surprise ending.
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