Book Review: Lightmasters: Number 13 by M.G. Wells

Lightmasters: Number 13 by M.G. Wells is a fantasy novel for the middle grade set. Jessica is an orphan, set to live with her odd grandparents. Upstate New York is not where she wants to be, and the oddness of her grandparents and bullying at school does not help matters at all. On her thirteenth birthday Jessica is swept away on an amazing adventure. She is lucky number thirteen to a group called the Lightmasters, and her ability to conquer her own fear and anger is key to destroy an evil creature bent on taking over the world.

Lightmasters: Number 13 is a fast paced adventure which does not allow taking a break. The world and character development takes place at a break neck speed, keeping the focus firmly on the book. Jessica's own confusion about life, dealing with the loss of her parents, and struggling to continue on are all tied into the adventure.  Her spunk and intelligence keep Jessica going, and the story interesting. There were moments where it felt like Jessica dragged me down into the rabbit hole with her, and others where to intense world building made me question the reality I hold as my own. It is not too far fetched in the current climate that we are devolving into creatures more based on fear and hate than compassion and joy. Power hunger lizard men leading the charge does not seem quite as disturbing as what humans are doing to each other of their own free will.

I recommend Lightmasters: Number 13 to readers around eight years old and up, including young adults. just about everyone can relate with Jessica's desire for 'more', to feel like she is truly accepted and a part of something important. Readers that enjoy fantasy, coming or age tales, lightning fast adventure, and surprises will enjoy this book.
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