Book Review: Heart Song by Samantha LaFantasie

Heart Song by Samantha LaFantasie is a novel of fantasy, adventure, and romance. Relena has never had an easy life, but betrayal by those closest to her could cost her everything. Marren is on the fringes of her life, until that twist of betrayal brings them together and the truth of their connection is known. A prophesy has the world or magic reuniting with the world Relena thinks she knows because of the bond, or Heart Song, shared by Marren and Relena. Not everyone is happy with that idea, and some would go to very drastic lengths to keep them from finding happy ever after. Can Marren and Relena forge a solid relationship while saving the world?

Heart Song is an adventure story full of fantasy and romance elements. While the relationship between Relena and Marren is key to the story it does not overwhelm their struggles and danger they find themselves in, rather it makes everything much more poignant. Some might find the instant connection between Relena and Marren off putting, however I found it to be a complication in their relationship rather than something that solved problems. Some of my favorite paranormal romance novels use a connection of some sort (which is outside of the two party's control) as a starting point in the relationship much like it is used here. I like that no matter how connected they are, the two never lose sight of the possible dangers that surround them, something some other authors. I quickly cared for the major players, even if I did not always agree with their choices. I was certainly emotionally invested in the story and found my self cringing or getting upset right along side the characters.

The only fault I could find with Heart Song, is that at a certain point I hit an emotional overload with the characters and burnt out a little. There is just so much action, drama, and plotting with in the story that it could easily have been made into two books, and I would have gladly bought and read them both. I would have been much more present and on edge during the very dramatic conclusion if I had taken a short break from the story to recharge, but maybe that was just because of how quickly I devoured the first two-thirds of the story.

I recommend Heart Song to readers that like action, adventure, fantasy, and romance melded together in equal portions. The characters are engaging, there is plenty of drama, and the romance is challenges the characters and keeps everyone paying attention.

Keep on eye out for an interview with Relena, the main character of Heart Song, on September 24. On September 25, a related giveaway will begin, a cool hand crafted bookmark from the author,  Samantha LaFantasie.
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