Book Review: Doctor Who Dave Gibbons Collection TPB

Doctor Who Dave Gibbons Collection TPB by Dave Gibbons, Pat Mills, Steve Moore, and Steve Parkhouse collects the the full run of classic Doctor Who comics illustrated by the legendary Gibbons. The book is over-sized and primarily stars the fourth doctor, Tom Baker, and introduces the fifth doctor. The volume also includes an introduction by Gibbons and the artwork and story lines are classic and made me long to be watching the original series on television again.

Just about everyone has heard about the new version of Doctor Who on television. I have no watched it, do not hate me, but I loved the original series back in its day. Seeing the fourth doctor in a graphic novel made me long for those days again. The Doctor Who Dave Gibbons Collection made me feel like a kid again, watching the doctor with his scarf and humor gallivanting through time and space, encountering things I could yet to have imagined before it was shown to me. I think any fan or the original Doctor Who will feel the same way, and find themselves happily lost along with a time lord.

I recommend Doctor Who Dave Gibbons Collection to fans of the classic, and the new, Doctor Who. If you have somehow missed out on the phenomenon they I highly suggest getting your hands on some dvd's and introducing yourself to the time lords. However, if you do not have time to spare watching tons of fantastic television, then you might want to skip it, since it can suck you in and  help you lose track of time quite easily.

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