Early Book Review: The Phoenix Girls: Conjuring Glass by Kelly Knight

Conjuring Glass, is the first book in a new young adult fantasy series The Phoenix Girls by Kelly Knight. The website for Genius Publishing states that the book will be available come fall of 2012. Penny Sinclair is a thirteen year old dealing with the loss of her mother. When she is moved from a group home to her godmother's home in the country she thought life would be boring. Thankfully, her godmother Susan and small town life provide Penny with the space and freedom she has never enjoyed before. However; a talking fox, a new friend in Zoe, a special hidden grove, and the discovery of true magic lead Penny into an adventure she never imagined. There is a magical heritage and family secrets that will need to be uncovered. A mysterious magician raises Penny's hopes, while missing children bring about varying degrees of suspicion and panic.

Conjuring Glass is a great start to a series of magic and growing up for the middle grade and young adult set. Penny is facing major adjustments, Zoe has her own issues at home, and the town is unique and harbors clues to Penny's family history. The story of the girls discovering their magic, and finding their place in town is well done and enjoyable. I really loved the attitude of the petite Penny coming to the defense of those being bullied and could identify with her on several levels. My only concern is the glossed over feel of her grief for her mother. It comes up a few times, but if I lost my mother today even as an adult I think it would have more influence over my daily thoughts. It might alienate readers that are going through the grieving process, or have.

I greatly enjoyed reading Conjuring Glass, and thing that young adults and middle grade readers would enjoy the book just as much. It was a solid fantasy read, with enough of a conclusion not to frustrate me but enough of a tease for the next instalment that I want to keep reading.
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