Early Book Review: Memorial by Chris Roberson and Rich Ellis

Memorial is a hardcover compilation of the graphic novel, created by the team of Chris Roberson and Rich Ellis. It is scheduled for publication on September 11 2012. The galley I received through NetGalley only contains the first three issues, so my review will only speak to those issues.

Memorial is the story of thee kingdoms and one young woman with no memory. Ms. M, or Em, woke up in Portland Oregon with absolutely no memory. After a year has past Em has a job, some friends, and a new life. Then Em discovers a strange shop, a key, and a stranger door, and is introduced to a conflict of supernatural proportions. The foundations of memory, reality, and the universe itself are all explored, and at risk.

The artwork in Memorial is detailed and conveys the mood and the complex storyline beautifully. Em is a solid Everywoman, with no know past or baggage to prevent readers from identifying with her, although suspicions about her past are quick to surface one the supernatural makes itself known to her. I loved the world building done to create the larger storyline; the nature possibilities, memories, and histories and how they are housed in the otherworld. Appearances of favorite places and characters of myth and legend, with a new twist, made the portion I was able to read even more enjoyable. I look forward to looking at the rest of the series and see if my ideas of who Em is, and the battle concludes.

I recommend Memorial to fans of Chris Roberson or Rich Ellis, particularly other graphic novels such as Lock & Key, iZombie, Cinderella, or  Paragaea will particularly enjoy this story.
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