Book Review: Deadly Obsession by Kristine Cayne

Deadly Obsession by Kristine Cayne is a romantic suspense novel that begins the Deadly Vices series. Nic Lamoureux is a big time movie star, dubbed Nic the Lover by the media, who has at least one crazed stalker and some secrets to keep. Lauren James is a photographer with the chance of a lifetime, photographing Nic could make her career. The stalker threatens the lives of the women surrounding Nic, leaving him worried and potentially ruining everything when Nic and Lauren grow closer and the stalker's actions intensify. Can Nic come to terms with his secrets, and will Lauren risk everything to help him?

Deadly Obsession was a good read, but did not wow me. Nic was a tortured alpha male, that just seemed to have everything going for him except the intense fans and lack of privacy. Lauren is a widow and single mom with issues of her own to deal with. They just happened to go to igh school together, and just happened to have crushes on each other back in the day but thought the other never noticed them. While it is done well in the book, it still felt a little to convenient to me. I also had a little trouble with the ease of which Lauren left her son behind with family, in fact I wondered through most of the book where her son was. The there was the suspense and mystery portion of the stalker. I quickly came up with my own idea of who Nic's stalker was, although I did doubt myself a few times because it seemed too easy. I will say that the character's trip to the conclusion was also well handled, a few curve balls to through me off the trail might have been nice, or Nic and Lauren agreeing on the culprit a little sooner would have been fine.

Deadly Obsession was a decent read, and I enjoyed it while I was reading. However, it did not rise above good. It did not wow me like some of my other recent reads have. Perhaps if I had not read this on the heals of some absolutely fantastic books I would have more positive things to say. So, if you are looking for a read to divert you or entertain you for a day or two, borrow Deadly Obsession but it will not it into my collection.
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