Book Review: The Dark Man's Son by Meg Whitlock

The Dark Man's Son by Meg Whitlock is the first book in the new Guardian Chronicles series. Jason Latimer always thought he was an average guy. He is a carpenter with a loving mother and stepfather. Then he is attacked by some large muggers, and introduced to a world beyond his imagination. A small woman saves him from the attack and introduces herself as Alex, offering further protection. Later that night a dark man enters his dreams and makes him a similar offer. Jason comes to believe and understand Alex's claims of demons, Guardians, Angels, and a Divine Mandate while finding himself the center of conspirises and power struggles. Will Jason chose the right path, and can the choices made seal the fate of the universe?

The Dark Man's Son offers readers wit, suspense, a touch of romance, historical fiction, and a larger look at religions and the universe. I enjoyed the world building and the character building greatly. There was just enough explanation and back stories offered throughout the story to help me understand the depth of the long lived characters, while still leaving plenty to be explored later in the series. There are twists and turs in present day and the past that really did surprise, and make everything really matter to me as I read. I found myself rapped up in the fate of Alex, her dark counter part Cassius, Jason, and even the Princes of Hell that play roles in the action. It was like when you find yourself shouting at a movie even though you know you cannot change the outcome. I caught myself wanting to shout out to the major players on a few occasions. The action of the story takes readers through history and around the world, from Renaissance Florence to the French Revolution, from World War II to the modern streets of New Orleans, and beyond. Best of all, the book offered some conclusion, while leaving me clamoring for the next book.

I recommend The Dark Man's Son to readers that enjoy truly falling into a good book. I was caught up in the story and the lives of the characters, putting off important things like making dinner or bedtime in order to keep reading. My only complaint is that the book ended. I cannot wait to see what happens in the next installment of the Guardian Chronicles.
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