Early Book Review: Where's Eddie? by Daniel Nunn

Where's Eddie? by Daniel Nunn is a board book scheduled for release on July 15 2012. This is a fun book that involvs finding the gray cartoon elephant, Eddie, on each page. After counting to ten the game begins, and Eddie is hiding in, behind, under, and next to objects that children will recognize from daily life. The story helps tech location words, is cute, and is fun. When looking for a board book, what more can you ask for?

Where's Eddie uses a hide and seek game, which is not completely unique, but Eddie is so cute that it does not matter. It is short, sweet, and cute. I highly recommend it to parents, teachers, and caregivers that are trying to teach location concepts to children that are very young, or having trouble mastering the concepts. Even children that have the ideas done will enjoy finding the little elephant.
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