Book Review: Fair Game by Patricia Briggs

Fair Game by Patricia Briggs is the third book in the Alpha & Omega series. My disclosure, I love Patricia Briggs. She could publish her shopping list, and I would read it. That being said, of course I loved Fair Game!. Anna was once an abused and degraded girl taken for granted and worthless. Anna really is an omega werewolf, one that can calm others but still stare an alpha in the eyes. Charles is the son of the alpha wolf that leads the werewolves in North America, and an alpha in his own right. He is also his father's hunter and executioner. Once upon a time he saved Anna from his situation, they fell in love, and by the time Fair Game starts are happily married. However, there is trouble in paradise. Since the werewolves have gone public, Charles has been hunting more often, and killing more often. He is feeling guilty and starting to strain at the seams. Anna wants to help, but Charles is being an alpha male and trying to protect his mate from the things that haunt him. When the FBI is looking for help to track down a serial killer that has managed to take out supernatural creatures, Charles and Anna are sent to help solve the mystery. This is the perfect chance for Charles to work through his issues, reforge his bond with Anna, and give the wolves some great press by finding the killer.

Alright, back to Fair Game. The majority of the story revolves around the investigation to find the serial killer. The different federal agencies, and their agents, are well described and the mystery itself is wonderfully woven. The depth of the mystery and introductions of the new characters are what really drive this book forward, and make it accessible to readers that might not have read the other books (for shame!). The love and utter devotion between Anna and Charles is awesome, and so well done. They are both willing to sacrifice themselves for the other at any given moment.

I highly recommend Fair Game, the entire Alpha and Omega series and the entire Mercy Thompson series. Readers that like urban fantasy, werewolves, alpha males, strong women, and incredible twists and turns woven through each story will love them. Readers that have never picked up a book by Briggs might get lost, because Anna, Charles, their family, and the reality they live in have been extremely well build in the previous Alpha and Omega novels and the related Mercedes Thompson series. Fair Game can certainly stand on its own feet, but the nuances of the pack relations and personalities might be missed. My solution, read it all! Honestly.
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