Picturebook Review: Zombie in Love

Zombie in Love written Kelly DiPucchio and illustrated by Scott Campbell is a darker picturebook for the preschool aged children and older. Mortimer is a zombie, and he is on the hunt, for love. He tries everything, working out, dance lessons, internet dating, everything. But the living girls do not seem to find this zombie sigh worth, only scream worthy. Finally Mortimer puts and ad in the paper, hoping that his soul mate will met him at an upcoming dance. He waits, and waits, at the dance. As he is about to leave in despair Mortimer spots a girl, could it be love at first bite?

You might this the subject and story of Zombie in Love inappropriate for young children, but the kids absolutely love this one. My kids fought me when it came time to return it to the library. Working at the circulation desk, I see a few families that take it out at least once a month because it is a favorite. It is a fun story, the pictures are gross enough to intrigue the children, but not enough to scare them. It is funny, and the soft watercolor illustrations are mainly in shades of pink, grey, and brown; which capture and enhance the story perfectly. I highly recommend Zombie in Love to readers of all ages. It is charming, adorable, and simply fun.
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