Early Book Review: 'The Mommy Diaries' by Dallas Louis

The Mommy Diaries: How I'm Surviving Parenting without Killing Anyone by Dallas Louis had me laughing so hard one night that my husband came in the bedroom to check on me. Any mother that has ever felt overwhelmed will find humor, and some sheer gratefulness for what they have, in this book. Being a mother is a full-time job, complete with wonders and horrifying moments that can break one down. This book is a look into one mother's daily life, with three children all within twenty-six months of each other. None of these kids are twins. One baby is hard, three in diapers at the same time can be beyond challenging. Add in trying to maintain a healthy relationship with a spouse, home renovations, and life in general and Dallas Louis's adventures in motherhood made me laugh and cringe at the same time. The kindle version of this book is already available, the paperback edition will be released on May 1 2012.

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