Early Book Review: "Chase Against Time" by Steve Reifman

Chase Against Time by Steve Reifman is a children's chapter book due for re-release on March 15 2012. Chase Against Time follows one forth grader, Chase Manning, who wants to play in the honor's orchestra in the next school year. However, the award winning music program is at risk, and can be saved if a charity auction for a special cello can earn enough money. When that cello disappears from its case everything is at risk. Before he knows it, Chase is on the case, in search for the culprit. Is the thief a fellow student, the angry coach, or someone completely unexpected. Friendships are put to the test and surprises abound as Chase investigates. Can he solve the mystery and still find time to practice his audition piece for the now at risk orchestra?

See the complete review here on Yahoo! Voices.
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