Early Book Review: Alien Investigation by Kelly Milner Halls

Alien Investigation: Searching for the Truth about UFOs and Aliens by Kelly Milner Halls and is a children's non fiction book due to be released on April 1 2012. This book examines the testimony and encounters that people have claimed to have with Unidentified Flying Objects or Aliens. The book does not to prove or disprove the existence of alien life, instead it provides as much information as possible to readers in order to allow them to forge their own beliefs. There are interviews with a variety of experts, the details of several claimed encounters, possible explanations, and known hoaxes. There is a glossary and list of resources for more information included at the end of the book.

Alien Investigation is well researched, and includes illustrations and photographs that enhance the information. To keep the reader thinking, there are illustrations and a small story about alien astronaut on their own mission dispersed through the book. As someone who has watched just about every documentary and episode of Unexplained Mysteries available to me, there was no new information for me. However, I think it is a great collection of research and information to satisfy interested children.

I recommend Alien Investigation to independent readers that are interested in space, aliens, mysteries, and science. I enjoyed the book, and through my children are too young for it yet, I think my son will love it when he is ready.
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