Picturebook Review: Maddie's Monster Dad by Scott Gibala-Broxholm

Maddie's Monster Dad is a picture book written and illustrated by Scott Gibala-Broxholm.  Maddie is a girl who loved monsters; she loved everything related to monsters. The only thing she loved more than monsters is her father. She loves baking Glob cookies with him, drawing monster pictures with him, and watching monster movies with him. But lately, Maddie's father has been to busy working to ply with her. So, Maddie uses the Build-a-Beast kit her father had given her for her birthday to build herself a new father. Her results are fantastic, but still leave her bored by the end of the day, so she goes with her new dad to scare her real father. The results of her attempted scare offer the perfect reconciliation for the story.

I really loved Maddie's Monster Dad, and highly recommend it as a book to read aloud and share with the children in your life. I think the story can bring home to parents the need to recognize when our work or other responsibilities live others feeling neglected. However, it also offers children the understanding that sometimes adults do need to do less exciting things than play, and that using their imagination can make those times a little easier to bear. Maddie and her father came alive in the illustrations, which were done in gouache and pencil. The colors and images did a great job of capturing the moods of Maddie and the images from her life and imagination. As someone that does some significant computer time at home, it really struck a chord with me personally.
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