Early Book Review: How to Make a Golem and Terrify People

How to Make a Golem and Terrify People by Allete J. Willis is a children's book set for publication on Jan. 23 2012, that is appropriate for children around 10 and older. Younger children with the reading skills for the book will enjoy it as well, but since the main character turns 12, it might be most relatable for those around the same age. The story opens with Edda, nicknamed "Mouse" for her small size and gentle nature. She wants to be braver, but keeps letting herself be frightened by a bully at school and other things in day-to-day life. When her home is robbed while her family is out celebrating her birthday Edda feels even more afraid and thinks that she will never escape her fear. The next day a new boy appears at school, Michael Scot, who is more than a little odd. He offers to help Edda be braver, to defeat her fear. Michael says that he is an alchemist and will help her to build a golem. Edda is reluctant to believe that anyone could bring a giant mud monster to life, but is willing to try. Can they really bring a golem to life and if they do will it really solve Edda's fear problem? My complete review is available here on Yahoo! Voices.
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