Challenges for 2012

I am not going to bore everyone with the number of books I read in 2011, or the challenges that I have participated in. Lets just say that it was a busy year laden with renewed and new friendships and more than a few hardships for those I care about most. So I am jumping, or hobbling, into 2012 determined that it will be a better year all around.

So, despite the fact that my posting will still be hap hazard for the next few weeks (still short a netbook) I have joined two challenges and will be using these to get me going in the right direction. The first challenge is NetGalley Month, hosted at Red House Books. The challenge encourages those of us using NetGalley to read as many of the galleys we have stored up as possible, catching up on the inevitable backlog of books created when you just cannot stop looking for more. This will be my third time participating, and hopefully my most successful.

My other challenge is the TBR Challenge 2012 hosted by Wendy at the Misadventures of Super Librarian. This challenge will help me stop ignoring the books I actually own, and still have yet to read. I need to hurry up and pick my January book so I can stay on track, I already feel like I am behind.

My personal challenge is to better balance my reading and writing time. I tend o go a couple weeks focusing on one, then feel guilty that I am slacking in the other, and then switching. Since the sad demise of my notebook, the reading has taken over and now I have hit a bit of a blah slum. Two galleys I started, and put away, because I just could not get into them. I am back at one of them now and limping my way through. Another galley is a book that I read months ago and apparently has been renamed. *sigh*

For today, I will use my husband's laptop and do what I can while playing referee for the kids, and hope that this year holds up to its promise for everyone.
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