Early Book Review: Skyfall by Michael Dahl

Skyfall by Michael Dahl is a children's fantasy novel ready for release on January 2 2012. It is the first book in the new Troll Hunters series. The story begins as a meteor shower peppers the sky above the small town of Zion Falls. Some are watching the display while others go about their normal night. However, as the shower takes place something much less pleasant stirs beneath the ground. Four children are caught in the middle as creatures begin a battle to gain control over the surface of the planet. This is a tale that is lightly creepy, with some more frightening moments and sepia toned illustrations that make a great addition to the flavor of the tale.

Skyfall takes a small group of children out of their comfort zone, one night meant to be watching a meteor shower ends with trolls and unanswered questions. Their friends and families are at risk, but they must survive the night before they can check on the other people they care about. I think that this book will appeal to readers that like adventure, mystery, and paranormal related stories. I think it will be particularly good for readers that want to read the more epic adventure stories but might be intimidated by the longer books. While the entire story seems like it might encompass many books, the single volume is not intimidating but will easily entertain.

Skyfall is a well-done fantasy story that is simple but enthralling for elementary school aged children. The story does have some frightening or suspenseful moments, so I would not recommend it for the youngest readers, or the most sensitive. However, my only complaint with the book is that it ended. I know that there are at least two other books planned for this series, but the ending of Skyfall left me wanting to simply turn the page and keep going. While that can be a great thing for series books, and will have me reading the next book which I believe will be titled Dark Tower Rising, in this case I found it frustrating that the last page felt more like a chapter ending rather than a book ending. Although, if the only serious complaint I can list about a book is that it ended too soon, then it must be worth reading. However, you might want to wait until you can have all three books in the series before you get started to spare you the discovery that the last page comes too soon.
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