Early Book Review: Salt Water Taffy Volume 5, Caldera's Revenge Part 2, by Matthew Loux

Salt Water Taffy Volume 5, Caldera's Revenge Part 2, By Matthew Loux is a graphic novel set to be released on December 14 2011. This is part of a graphic novel series suitable for children, around seven and older, and adults alike. The setting in Chowder Bay Maine is not the dull place that brothers Jack and Benny expect when they set off for summer vacation with their family. To their surprise, Chowder Bay happens to be one of the most mysterious places on earth. The boys discover a new world that is full of strange moments and they encounter a series of amazing adventures. This volume is the final chapter in two part story arc that began in volume four, Caldera's Revenge Part 1. Readers witness Jack's awakening on the ghost ship Nutmeg. The ship is on the hunt for the whale Caldera. Benny and Angus need to repair their ship and somehow find and rescue him. Benny discovers the hidden truths within The Hidden History of Chowder Bay, managing to get to Caldera and the Nutmeg in time to save Jack with a little help from an old friend. The story is fun and exciting.

The artwork is black and white, and well done. It illustrates the action and emotion with clean, crisp lines that are artful rather than bleak. There is a classic or even retro feel to the artwork, reminding me of some of the comics I saw growing up. My only disappointment with the book is that I had not already read the previous volumes. I will be on the hunt for the earlier volumes to fill in the background of the story. I still understood the tale, but knew that I was definitely missing nods to characters that had been previously detailed.

I recommend this volume, and the entire Salt Water Taffy series to children, young adults, and adults that love adventure graphic novels without violence or unnecessary moments of blood and gore. The story is unique, and the setting of the East Coats will strike a special cord in those that have lived their or even visited for a short period of time. It is a fun and entertaining read for all, and a slightly nostalgic read for some.
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