Early Book Review: A Midsummer Night's Sin by Kasey Michaels

A Midsummer Night's Sin by Kasey Michaels is the second historical romance in the Blackthorn Brothers trilogy. It is slated for release on November 29 2011. Each book in the series follows one of the unconventional brothers as they find love. In A Midsummer Night's Sin, readers learn more about Robin "Puck" Blackthorn. The youngest of the brothers is known as the fun loving rake, a foolish but harmless playboy. Regina Hackett has long known that she is a pawn in her father's plan to gain title, wealth, and respectability in society. When her cousin alters one evening’s plan, everything changes. The ball Miranda brings her to is scandalous. Regina shares a dance and illicit embrace with a masked man, Puck of course, and during her panicked leave taking discovers that Miranda has gone missing. To her shame and embarrassment, the same masked man comes to her rescue in leaving the ball, and continues to aid in the hunt for the missing Miranda. Together they embark on a dangerous quest to save Miranda and anyone else in her position. Puck is determined to save Regina, while Regina is determined to see if there is more to Puck than the face he shows to the world.

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