Book Review: Trial by Fire by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Trial by Fire by Jennifer Lynn Barnes is the second book in the Raised by Wolves series for young adults, and will not disappoint those that fell in love with Bryn and her world in the first book. The book opens with Bryn and her motley pack settling into their new life. Just when everything seems to be settling down new treats arise. A new girl at school and some crazy dreams have Bryn on edge when a young werewolf lands on their doorstep; bloody, beaten, and looking for a savior. Lucas comes from Shay’s pack, which leads to enough trouble. However, he was also given to a group of humans as a play thing. Shay wants his whipping boy back, and so does the group of out of the ordinary humans that had been torturing him. Threats seem to come from all side, threatening the lives and safety of Bryn and the entire pack. Werewolf politics keep Callum from being able to help, Ali has been keeping a secret, and Bryn and her friends feel more than a little overwhelmed.

Trial by Fire is even better than the first in the series, Raised by Wolves. The idea of a human raised among werewolves to become an alpha is a fantastic premise. That that human is female with some serious authority issues but need to protect others makes the story even better. The werewolf culture of strength and dominance is perfectly built, and instinctive for those that have already read other paranormal fiction. While there might not be a whole lot unique tings in the world Barnes has created, it feels real and right. The characters are fantastic, the emotions and relations are deeply compelling. The twists and turns in the story included some that I foresaw, but others honestly took me by surprise. Barnes has a writing style and voice that draws me in and keeps me there looking for more. I am already eager to see what might come next for Bryn and the rest of the pack. Next summer seems very far away.

Readers that loved Raised by Wolves should definitely continue with this sequel. Readers that liked the first, but did not fall in love with the series should also give Trial by Fire a read. Even readers that feel like that have read all the paranormal fiction that they need to can find reasons to read and enjoy. In fact, think I just might have a new favorite series about werewolves.
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