Book Preview: House of Night # 1 Graphic Novel

I was able to get a preview of the first six pages of the first House of Night graphic novel from P.C. and Kristin Cast through NetGalley. It is due to be released in November 2011.

Fans of the series, like me, will most likely enjoy this visual interpretation of the world. I liked the preview, although there were times that I thought the characters were just too polished, sharp, and pretty to match the vision I had in my head. I always envisioned Zoey as a little more average looking and a little less perfect. The art was beautiful and well done, but maybe that was my issue. I tend to envision characters as real people, not quite as beautiful and almost elfin, as they seem to be portrayed. However, the story and interactions between characters are what fans of the series will love, and why they are likely to take a peak at the graphic novel. The pages that I saw lead me to believe that the graphic novel will do a good job of following the story of the full novels, but will not include everything from them. It looks like some of initial set up and character development that leads Zoey to the House of Night is not included. According to the Dark Horse announcement at Comic Con the graphic novels will take the existing material of the novels and give readers a new experience, so it offers something new for everyone.

The bottom line, if you are a fan of House of Night series from P.C. and Kristin Cast you will most likely be interested to see just how this graphic novel portrays your favorite characters. I will admit that I plan at looking for it at my local library when it is published in November of 2011. I will not be able to stop myself. I know I will initially be bothered that the art will not match my vision of the characters, but as long as the story and total package continue with the fantastic quality level for the art and the Cast flavor of writing I will be content with the result.
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