Early Book Review: Say Something Perico by Trudy Harris

Say Something Perico by Trudy Harris is a picturebook about a bilingual parrot that just wants to find a new home. He waits in the pet shop and tries to interact with the owner and customers. However, no one seems to understand him. He asks for agua, and is taken to the opera. Poor Perico practices phrases in English at night so that he will find a new home, but more Spanish to English confusion arise and end with Perico being returned to the pet store after a trip out with a potential owner. Will Perico ever find a happy home?

Say Something Perico is vividly illustrated and is a story that young children will enjoy. Everyone has something about them that is different, and might bring on feelings of frustration or self-doubt. However, these are the things that ultimately special and lead to the best friendships. This holds true for poor Perico too. While being bilingual and trying to be understood is a major frustration, in the end it is what makes him the perfect match for a young boy and brings him to the perfect home. Most of the Spanish used is what any youngster having seen Sesame Street or Dora the Explorer will recognize, at least until the end. There is glossary complete with pronunciation guide at the back of the book to help those, like myself that did not know what the final Spanish phrase uttered by Perico meant.

I really enjoyed Say Something Perico and recommend it to all picture book readers. I think that those that are bilingual or have had other issues fitting in with other children might find this book particularly appealing, but would be good for all youngsters to help them understand what it feels like to be misunderstood.
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