Book Review: Lord of the Vampires by Gena Showalter

Lord of the Vampires by Gena Showalter is a paranormal romance. It is also the first book in the Royal House of Shadows series, which will consist of books by four different authors. The other authors, in series order, are Jill Monroe, Jessica Andersen and Nalini Singh. The idea behind the continuing story is that an evil sorcerer attacks and conquers the kingdom of Elden. As the King and Queen lie dying, the each cast a spell on their four children. One spell intended to protect them and one to fill them with a need for vengeance. Each child is also gift with a magic timepiece.

In Lord of the Vampires we see the oldest, Prince Nicolai, who is best known for the temper he has worked hard to master and his virility. He would dally with just about any willing woman. In a twist of fate, the spells his parents cast, and the greed of those that find him, Nicolai ends up a sex slave to a cruel mistress. His memories and timepiece are stripped from him as he is held captive. In our world Jane Parker is a scientist who has studied and experimented on a variety of paranormal creatures. After a horrific accident, she is just trying to get through day by day. Until a very special book arrives on her doorstep with a summons to rescue Nicolai. She is drawn into the castle where Nicolai is being held captive and the struggle to keep them both safe, gain vengeance on Nicolai's captures and return to Elden is on. There are secrets, a variety of paranormal creatures, steamy scenes and treachery along the way. There are enough twists and turns to keep things interesting and Showalter's unique pantheon of paranormal beings that keep the book from feeling stale or cliché.

Lord of the Vampires is a must read for fans of Showalter's Atlantis series and for those that plan on reading the Royal House of Shadows because of any of the participating authors. I enjoyed the book, but while the book felt similar to the Atlantis series, it fell short of the quality that is present in Showalter's Lord of the Underworld series. Therefore, if you like Showalter and paranormal romance then read it, and if you are reading this review than that probably means you. Those that avoid anything that includes fangs or the supernatural will likely not read this review, so I do not need to tell them not to bother.
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