Picture Book Review: Ruby, Violet, Lime: Looking for Color

Ruby, Violet, Lime: Looking for Color by Jane Brocket is a picture book ready for release on September 1 2011, which explores colors in terms that children can easily understand and enjoy. The pictures of objects in the shades mentioned are vibrant and bright. They are cheerful images that are familiar to children of all ages. The objects are things that one might see everyday, although it is not that often that my flowers or cupcakes are quite so vividly colored. The prose that describes to colors and the concepts is well done, flowing and precise. Ideas like primary colors, secondary colors and blending colors are well described and shown in colorful photographs that truly do justice to the various shades described. This collection of images and words inspired my two young children to go on a color hunt in new places. In the yard or on a car ride rather than the living room, where we usually hunt for items by color. Perhaps it can inspire the same interest in a classroom or during a library visit as well as it does in a home. Ruby, Violet, Lime has inspired me to look for Brocket's earlier concept book, Spiky, Slimy, Smooth: What Is Texture?
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