Early Book Review: Her Kilt-Clad Rogue by Julie Moffett

Her Kilt-Clad Rogue by Julie Moffett is a historical romance being released in digital format on August 1 2011. It is a story of two hearts that connected once and might be reunited despite the heartbreaks and time they have seen. Duty, betrayal and revenge fuel the secrets and mysteries of Her Kilt-Clad Rogue.

Her Kilt-Clad Rogue begins with Englishwoman Genevieve Fitzsimmons who has nowhere to go. After her grandfather died, she was left with debts that needed paying, and nothing but the family’s estate to pay them. A timely request from Connor Douglas gives her a position as governess and a place to live. Their family’s have been friends since their grandfathers began a business partnership years before, so Genevieve thinks that the position is out of pity or family loyalty. Although it might be because young, Ewan has driven away every other governess so far. However, nothing is ever as simple as it appears. Connor and Genevieve shared a summer of youthful affection that ended with Connor leaving without saying goodbye and quickly marrying his now late wife. Connor has always done what has been expected of him, but might finally be ready to put his heart before duty. Have the emotions that Connor and Genevieve shared ten years early still the same for both of them, and will the rumors about Connor’s late wife’s death and the other secrets of the castle keep them from finding happiness at last?

Her Kilt-Clad Rogue is a charming historical romance, and offers a satisfying summer read. The connection between Connor and Genevieve is well done, and the mystery and secrets of Connor’s home are built up and explored well. There is nothing that this book was lacking, but nothing that it excelled in either. Her Kilt-Clad Rogue is a good read, with some good moments, but there was nothing that really stood out as new. I did enjoy the read, and I really liked Genevieve’s spunk and integrity as well as Ewan’s character. Overall, Her Kilt-Clad Rogue was a good book, a quick read and worth reading when you are in the mood for a historical romance.
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