Go the F@ck to Sleep

Okay, even if you do not have children, you have probably heard the flap about the book Go the F**k to Sleep by Adam Mansbach. The response has been pure 'love it' or 'hate it' with little to no middle ground. I thought it was hysterical, plasing myself firmly in the love it camp, and am desperate to hear the audio version read by Samuel L Jackson. Who could possibly be better qualified? Pure awesome!

It is not a children's book, it is not intended to be read to your child ay bed time. This is book for parents and tired caregivers. If you have never tried to put a child to sleep, then you wont get it. If you have a child or children that always went to bed easily, then you wont get it. If you take life too seriously, hate swears in any context, or take yourself too seriously you will not think it is funny. New parents that have yet to experience two or more years of sleep deprivation will not get it.

The book is basically what my inner dialogue has been on several exhausted evenings desperately trying to get my children to bed. My oldest was never a good sleeper, and bed time used to be quite the trial. Now he goes to bed fairly easily and his little sister now fights sleep in his place. There have been many wakeful nights on my part doing bedtime battles with too reluctant resters. So, I found the book to be a realistic and non-sugar coated version of what really happens at night, not that I swear at my kids, but the frustration and challenge certainly rang true. I have read many a sugary sweet bedtime story to my children, they both love books. But this is a bedtime story for the parents, and it makes me laugh every time I see the cover, never mind reread the book.

Some parents say that they "have never', "would never", or "should never" have the thoughts expressed in the book. I call bull sh@t- if you have had hard nights putting your child to sleep then a version of the story has run in your mind, perhaps without the swears, but the frustration and emotions are realistic. In response to the negative reviews and comments that I have seen, I say that book does not encourage swearing at your child, or any form of abuse towards children (mental or physical). It is not meant to be read to a child. (I think that covers all the negative reviews that I have seen) It is meant to make tired parents laugh and realize that they are far from alone in their frustrations and struggles. I would think that the release and knowledge that you are not alone in your situation would help ease a parent's mind and make the bedtime struggles a little easier to deal with.
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