Early Book Review: Viper's Kiss by Shannon Curtis

Viper’s Kiss by Shannon Curtis is a romance novel due to be released on July 25 2011. The story revolves around one librarian that is having a rough time and a security expert that is charged with finding her and the top-secret project that the world believes her to have stolen. Maggie Kincaid is an information technology librarian caring for her terminally ill mother and just trying to make ends meet. She might have wanted a more exciting life, but a look-a-like that models and being accused of being a ruthless spy are far from anything Maggie might have wanted. Luke Fletcher is on his first solo mission, the capture of Viper, a ruthless spy with blood on their hands and a top-secret project in their possession that could change the world. All evidence points to Maggie being Viper, but she professes her innocence and does her best to convince Luke of the truth.

My full review is available here on Associated Content.
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