Why I review

I wanted to give everyone a better idea of who I am and why I review. The short version. I am a wife, mother, avid reader, librarian and writer. I hope you enjoy my book reviews, and chance to explore my other articles (links on the sidebar) if you like my style or hobbies (obsessions).

I have always love books, always. I was reading alone by the time I was four, and reading books for adults in elementary school. I have always been willing to read anything, although I will admit that I have always preferred books that take me away from the here and now. Fantasy, science fiction, and romance were my first real favorites. Mysteries and then urban fantasy worked their way into my regular cycle of reading. Life can be terrifying, in both big and small ways. So, I really enjoy the escape from the real world for the time I can read. Therefore, I often skip books about the horrors that are easily found on the news, terminal illnesses and anything that involves the pain of a child or animal.

How I find time to read, and then write about what I read, is the real mystery. I work part time in a public library. It is dangerous. At least for anyone that is an avid reader. People are always recommending the good book that they just finished and are returning, covers and titles catch your eye and the reviews you read to intelligently recommend books to readers combine to make my list of books to read grow every day. When not working at the circulation desk, I process new books for the children and teen departments, and then discard those that need replacing or are weeded out. More often than not the new teen books are often checked out by me and read before they make it on the shelf for the first patron. The discarded books often make their way to my bookcases too, for my collection or for my children.

Then there are my coworkers, who are all book lovers as well (what else do you expect in a library?). So we all recommend books to each other, and my reading pile begins to grow even more. Then there are the helpful website recommendations. Recently, an office mate introduced me to NetGalley. Evil Evil Evil. Electronic galleys by some of my favorite authors, and some that I would like to read. That list of to be read keeps growing too. And then the books I read to further my knowledge in gardening, home improvement and what ever my current research project might be. I want to share the love of the great books I have read with others, and the information all locked up in my head with people that might be able to make use of it all. So I write.

Oh, and then there are the kids. My oldest is 4, my youngest is 2. They are active, and I am tired. I dodge yogurts and grubby hands as I read, type and occasionally crochet. I beg them to stay out of the kitchen when I attempt to cook or clean up. I know that the moment I sit down to do something, or need to, is when they will need a potty trip, snack or drink. It never fails. They love books too, which is great. However, they are not independent readers, so I get to read DR. Suess and Monster at the End of This Book, and countless other books over and over and over again. I also sing in two local choirs and take part in one book club.

The gist of my life? So many books, so little time. Life is crazy, busy, and tremendously fun. I figure that I can catch up on my sleep when I'm dead, and surely heaven is lined with bookshelves.
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