Reviewing Habits

I read and read and read, as much as my two kids, two cats, gardening, Facebook obsession, crocheting, sleep and real job allow me to. However, I do not review everything I read. What do I chose to review versus what I skip?

Well, I review anything that I thick is simply fantastic, or something I think would only please a certain group of people (even if I am not part of that group). If I read something and just feel rather "meh" about it, I often will skip reviewing it. If I read something and love it, I review it ASAP. If I read something that is part of a series, and it meets my expectations, but does not make me extremely happy (or unhappy) I will often skip reviewing it. Since, those that already follow the series will read it anyway, so I only feel the need to stand up and speak my mind if that installment of the series suggests that the series is starting to fade, or is ramping up to something absolutely amazing.

If I read something that I just do not like, but only because the material does not fit into my particular style favorites, I might just skip the review. I will often skip writing a review if I can not say something nice, or at least constructive, about the material. Just because I do not like something, I am fully aware that someone else might love it. If I do not like the book because I think it is just badly written, or contains too many borrow ideas, then I might write a review.

I try not to simply trash anyone else's work. I try to be fair, open minded and considerate to those who work so hard to write. I respect those that have done the work and put it out there for the world to see. Now, the real question is if I do this because I am trying to be a respectful and good person or if I do this because I want other people to offer me the same consideration? hmmm?

What do you review versus keep to yourself?
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