Early Book Review: Spirit Dances by C. E. Murphy

Spirit Dances by C. E. Murphy is the sixth book in the Walker Papers urban fantasy series and is scheduled for release on April 1 2011. The story picks up right where Demon Hunts left off, and almost immediately falls into a fast-paced, action packed story. Joanne is finally coming into her own power wise and is accepting the responsibility and benefits that come with her unique skill set. Her growth as a shaman, a police officer, and a person all seem to have really sped up. However, there is no time to relax and dwell on that growth, because death and crazy action are breaking loose in the city again. Joanne and her circle of cohorts have survived seemingly insurmountable odds before, but a 'sort of' date with Morrison and the events that surround her in this adventure might be the hardest challenge she will ever face.

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