Real Life Update

If anyone noticed I had a little over a week with no posts. Well- life has been more than a little crazy lately.

First the sad. My mother in law was diagnosed with ALS in April. Towards the end of June she started deteriorating quickly. Three weeks ago she was hospitalized and a week ago today she passed away. My mother in law was a wonderful woman. She was tiny, but had a huge personality. Also looking on the bright side and willing to help anyone. She touched a lot of lives and the community showed it. There were over 300 people come to the wake and another 300+ to her funeral. The Postal Carriers in town also gave her a fantastic tribute.

Now the stressful- when mom was originally diagnosed my husband and I thought it would be a helpful thing for us to move. In our current house his parents could have one floor living (they own the house we are living in as well as their home). So we went house hunting and are currently under contract to buy a house. Our closing August 9th, but now my father in law will have two houses to deal with and we still have to do the packing, painting and moving.

The Good- my oldest starts preschool this August, so yea!? So one morning a week it will be just me and the youngest. There are still some logistics to figure out on the days I work but we're almost there. Can the poor kid have some more serious life events packed into two months to really screw up his potty training and behavior??
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