Book Review: Tales of the Otherworld

A Short Story Collection from Kelley Armstrong

Tales of the Otherworld by Kelley Armstrong is a collection of eight short stories that were previously available in electronic format. The first five short stories in Tales of the Otherworld are all prequels to Armstrong’s previously published books from her Otherworld series. These tales would be a great starting point for people that have had Armstrong recommended to them but have not yet taken the leap to reading her work. As a reader that has read the entire series, it was great to see small details that had been hinted at in the books but never fully divulged come to life. The starts of relationships, the forging of personalities and partnerships that have been hinted at but never fully explained are given stories of their own in Tales of the Otherworld. The last three stories will not spoil other books if you have not read them, but would be better enjoyed if the reader has enjoyed the other books in the series. Therefore, I am glad to forgo my usual warning of not jumping into an established series, and encourage new readers to take the plunge.

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