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My Wall

I once hid within a wall
Safe, secure but lonely
The he broke down
All of my defenses
And slowly stripped me
Of all I was and believed
You helped me defend
My fractured soul
From the spotlight
He put on my faults
I can still feel the burn
The scrutiny that light brought
Finally I forced myself
To brake free from
His painful tyranny
You helped my rebuild
My wall, but different
Now my wall has doors
To which you hold the key
Then you left me behind
Alone, but with the memories
Of you that I struggle to forget
To go on with life
But you locked me in
With visions and feelings
That lie beyond myself.


In your arms I am at home safe and loved.
When we have to say goodbye,
Even for a moment, it is so hard.
When you take my in your arms
For a fond farewell,
I am safely rapped in a cocoon
Of warmth and friendship
That I never want to leave.
Why is it so hard to let go of you?
Is it simply our renewed friendship?
Or is it something more?
I am willing to risk my heart for
You, my friend, my love.
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