Chains of Love- Short Story

Gaya held in her hands a bright whirling ball of energy. She stared at this thing she had created through the waves of energy that surrounded it. In this ball she could see the potential for good and evil, for love and hate, and for all those things that lay in-between. She focused her energy on the surface of the ball and on finishing her creation. She visualized earth, forming mountains, deserts and valleys. She pictured water, forming lakes, rivers and oceans. As she visualized these forms they came to be in her hands.

She visualized her creation being lit up by a life sustaining sun, and the calming moon and stars that appeared nearby as she imagined them. She thought of creatures of all kinds, animals to roam the land she had created, birds to fill the skies, and various creatures to live in the waters. She created vegetation to provide food and beauty. She focused more of her life force on her creation, trying to create everything that it would need to thrive. She willed the winds and tides into existence, creating the weather to provide this young world with rain for water and winds to carry seeds and help lift birds into the sky.

Gaya began to weaken, but had one more kind of creature that she wanted to bring about on this small world. She focused all her remaining energy and pictured a being, like her own father and brothers in form. Strong and capable, able to protect and use the resources of the world she had created, or to abuse and destroy it.
She created it's mate, formed like herself and her mother, able to nurture and love the world, and all its creatures or ignore them and focus on her own vanities. She gave these beings the free will to choose their own paths, but desperately hoped that they would try to protect and love the world and each other.

She watched her creation develop and let a tear fall. Then she slowly crumpled to the floor, completely drained. Her creation remained safe in her hands; even through her collapse she had protected her new world from harm as best she could. She had spent most of her life force in creating something from a speck of dust that had caught the light, and now she was close to death.

Above her the sorrowful eye of Myra watched this happen in her own hands. She remembered how spent she was after she had endowed a dust mote with life. She shed tears as she watched one of her own creations; her own children create a new world. She hoped that Gaya would soon awake, as she had after creating her world.

She sighed and focused her will, giving some of her life force to the young creator. She smiled, relieved, as Gaya awoke and stared amazed at the world that she held. Myra thought for a moment and then glanced up. Was someone watching over her just as she watched over the whirling ball in her hands?
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